Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bertie at Bedtime

Bertie at BedtimeLike for most kids, bedtime for our kids takes time.  They have so much energy and they want to play more.  Bertie at Bedtime is a helpful book.  Kids will learn that they are like Bertie.  Bertie has bedtime rituals too.  There's the bathing, toothbrushing, racing, chasing, reading and singing.  Parents will nod and kids will laugh when you read Bertie at Bedtime story.

This book is written by Marcus Pfister, the creator of The Rainbow Fish.  The Rainbow Fish was an international phenomenon with millions of fans.  Marcus was born in Berne, Switzerland.  He traveled throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico.  He worked as a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, writer and illustrator of many children's books.  He lives in Berne with his family.

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